November 1st, 2013

Over the last few months at, we’ve applied a strong focus on identifying Apache Cassandra users from all across the world and sharing their use case via our blog; we call these stories 5 Minute Use Case Interviews.

5 Minute Use Case interviews have proven to be a valuable resource for both Cassandra users who are just getting started and for more advanced users, who are looking to strengthen their skills and fine tune their Cassandra deployment.

It can be beneficial and encouraging to learn about how other Cassandra users, within the same industry vertical as yourself, have tackled their Cassandra deployment. Learning from another user’s trial and error and avoiding mistakes that they’ve already made can make a world of difference during your own implementation.  Tips and tricks, as well as lessons learned, are highlighted in these interviews and serve as a great resource for overall knowledge of the Apache Cassandra database.

We welcome you to read through some of our 5 Minute Use Case Interviews and please consider sharing your own!

If you are interested in sharing your use case with, please reach out to Gehrig Kunz, Community Development Representative, at

The Benefits of Participating in a 5 Minute Use Case Interview

• Contributing back to the Apache Cassandra community by providing users with tips, tricks, lessons learned and information about your deployment, within your specific industry vertical.

• Your company logo on A badge of dedication to NoSQL, Cassandra and open source!

• Maybe you’re hiring. We’re happy to let the community know about how you’re using Cassandra and why they should join your team.

• Cassandra laptop stickers!

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