September 26th, 2013


Michael Kjellman, Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks, is presenting on his experiences with Apache Cassandra. In the presentation found below, you will learn about:

   •Continuous Deployments with Cassandra

   •Upgrading Cassandra

   •When Upgrades Go Wrong

   •Coding Complexity Moved to Operations (How to Prepare and Plan)

   •Why ‘Apt-get/Yum Install Cassandra’ is a bad idea

   •Why You Should Treat Cassandra’s Code like it’s Your Own


About Michael Kjellman

Michael Kjellman is a Software Engineer, from San Francisco, working at Barracuda Networks. Michael works across multiple products, technologies, and languages. He primarily works on Barracuda’s spam infrastructure and web filter classification data.


Check out Michael’s presentation on YouTube from Cassandra Summit 2013: Hindsight is 20/20. MySQL to Cassandra


Are you a Cassandra user in the Bay Area? Check out the DataStax Cassandra SF Users group.