February 26th, 2014

What You Will Learn in this Session

• Architectural Overview of Cassandra at LoopLogic (3,000 to 5,000 writes per second on a 2-node cluster)

• Processing Data Using a 2-Pass Process

– Event log messages get stored in Cassandra as well as Amazon SQS upon reception of the event.

– Log processor processes the SQS queue.

– Message updates hundreds of counters using Memcached counters.

– We then batch-write those hundreds of results in Cassandra and update indices.

About Stephane Legay

Stephane is the founder and CTO of the Phoenix based startup LoopLogic. LoopLogic provides users with tools to create, public and track who watches your videos. Before creating LoopLogic, Stephane was the CTO of OCEG. Stephane’s skillsets include web application development, user interface design, C# programming, and project management in a wide variety of business applications.

Apache Cassandra at LoopLogic Case Study



Video/Slide Presentation