June 27th, 2014

During the week of June 17th -21st, Apache Cassandra took New York by storm; DataStax organized a meetup, mini-conference, and workshop, to grow the Cassandra community and spread knowledge of our favorite open source NoSQL offering. From our NYC Workshop at Microsoft Technology Center, to our Cassandra Day at the New York Times, the demand to learn more about Apache Cassandra is rapidly increasing.

Patrick McFadin, Lead Technical Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax, kicked off the week in New York with a 5-hour seminar on the basics of data modeling with Apache Cassandra.  Microsoft Technology Centers, located in New York City’s Time Square, generously hosted over 65 attendees at their offices. The workshop was successful, as the crowd stayed engaged throughout the lecture; Patrick stayed his toes the whole time, and some even took notes to ask him questions after the seminar had ended.

On Saturday June 21st, a few days following Patrick’s workshop, the New York Times hosted to New York Cassandra Day 2014.  The event was jam Packed with technical presentations by both Apache Cassandra users and the Cassandra evangelist team; highlights include presentations by all-star Cassandra community members: Eric Lubow of SimpleReach, Brian O’Neill of Health Market Science, Michael Laing of New York Times, Skye Books of UltraVisuals, Clint Kelly of Wibidata. Presentation topics included: Cassandra + Spark, eventual consistency with Cassandra, C# drivers, exciting use cases, and much more.

Be sure to subscribe to the Planet Cassandra YouTube Channel to get notified when videos from this event are released, in 2 – 3 weeks.

The Apache Cassandra takeover in NYC validated the New York City tech community’s desire to learn more about Cassandra; and we are ready to bring you more!