April 1st, 2014


“I believe NetSky will know more about humans than any other company.”

– Sarah Connor, Industry Analyst for IoT

NetSky, a newly launched ‘neural network’ service that uses advanced artificial intelligence and is designed to monitor any and everything in your life via in-home sensors, wearable sensors, video cameras, and smart devices has launched its service to the public today. The company built the NetSky Monitoring Platform on Apache Cassandra.

According to Miles Dyson, the company’s CTO, “Cassandra was the clear choice for NetSky. Cassandra is the best platform for the Internet of Things due to its ability to handle high velocity data better than anything else around. Even more important, its distributed architecture and multi datacenter capabilities mean that we can lose a data centers or large swaths of the country or even the world and NetSky will continue to function without issue. We want NetSky to be always on, always watching and learning more about our users.”

Kyle Reese, NetSky’s CEO, said, “Apache Cassandra gave us the ability to focus on building our product and company, not worrying about how could we scale. It’s low-cost architecture, including its ability to scale linearly, mean we will know our costs ahead of time and gives us the flexibility to expand at an geometric rate without breaking the bank. We look forward to being an integral part of everyone’s lives on a daily basis.”

Sarah Connor, an industry analyst focused on IoT, said, “Netflix was able to make hit shows like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ because they track every interaction with their users, extracting as much data about their likes, their habits, and their lives. NetSky’s use of Apache Cassandra will enable them to track everything about their users and gain insight into their lives. I believe NetSky will know more about humans than any other company.”

To learn more, contact Jenny Tootone at jenny@sky.net or 867-5309.