September 11th, 2014

Today is Conference day at Cassandra Summit 2014!

To kick-off the day, Billy Boswroth (@billy_bosworth) presented a keynote about all of the progress that DataStax has made in the last year; some of this progress includes their recent $106 million in funding and the launch of DataStax Enterprise 4.5. Additionally, Billy hosted  an on-stage demo and interview with Cassandra user’s Orbeus (facial recognition software) and Sony.

During the demonstration with Orbeus, they showed off an application which assists users in sorting through  photos and providing contextual information about them, which can then be searched against. For example, you can ask the application to “provide me all the photos of my kids at the beach” and voila, pictures of my kids at the beach! Very cool.  Additionally, with a simple photo of a person it can guess their age, emotion, sex, nationality, and more.



At Cassandra Summit 2014 there was a dedicated area titled “Cassandra LIVE” which allowed attendees to interact with a variety of Cassandra-powered applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Intsgram, Hulu, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Playstation 4! Within the fun zone, I was able to learn about how Cassandra worked on the back-end, while I interacted with features of these applications on the front-end.  Found below is a picture of the Instagram photo booth, with a hand-painted yoda canvas that the winner of the photo contest receives.



Here’s a picture of Apache Cassandra MVP and consultant at The Last Pickle, Patricia Gorla (@patriciagorla), Community Manager Devin Saxon (@SaxonStax), and me!

Gettin’ some C* learnin’ with Cassandra @ the Netflix talk “Cassandra @ Netflix: Building a House of Cards on a Solid Foundation” by Christos Kalantzis (@chriskalan). In this talk, Christos describes how Cassandra is the data storage and global replication foundation for the Cloud Native architecture that runs Netflix streaming for 48+ million members in 40+ countries; he also discusses how the fundamental role Cassandra has played in their on-going global roll-out.



Monkey’s rule (err, for testing)! Read more about the open source “Chaos Monkey”, created by Netflix, here!



Obligatory food close-up! Yum.



Back in the Cassandra LIVE room, we all hung out, listened to some great tunes powered by Spotify, and learned about their playlist cluster: 60 nodes, 2 data centers, 36TB of data, all stored on FusionIO disks!  And yes, that IS an oversized iPhone.



Probably the most popular exhibit in Cassandra LIVE was the Call of Duty: Ghosts interactive gaming systems.  The Cassandra LIVE staff setup an online and globally distributed 😉 game of Ghosts for attendees to play. We learned that Call of Duty: Ghosts utilizes Cassandra for their presence, mail, and storage features.


It has been a really great event so far, I’ve met a lot of interesting and passionate Cassandra users, and can’t wait to see more!