July 8th, 2014






We had a business need  to store billions of records that are produced by our managed campaigns, and to be able to seamlessly scale as desired.

– Nader Ganayem, IT Architect, Kenshoo

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 Nader Ganayem IT Architect Kenshoo




My name is Nader Ganayem and I’m a system architect at Kenshoo.

Kenshoo is a global software company that engineers cloud-based digital marketing solutions and predictive media optimization technology. Kenshoo empowers the world’s most sophisticated advertisers with the tools needed to succeed in a quickly changing digital landscape. Only Kenshoo is ranked by Forrester Research as the “sole leader” in both search engine bid management and social ad platform categories.

Seamlessly scale

We had a business need to store billions of records that are produced by our advertising campaigns and to be able to seamlessly scale as desired. To achieve this we initially evaluated: MySQL, Amazon Dynamo,  MongoDB, and Cassandra. Our top reasons for choosing Cassandra ended up being: scale, multi-region replication, performance, and ease of operations.

Cassandra is now widely used at Kenshoo. We use Cassandra for rapid storage and retrieval of audit data for our advertisers and campaigns. This data helps for marketing performance analysis. We also utilize Cassandra for real time bidding on advertising exchanges. 

Kenshoo’s Top Cassandra Features

  1. Infinite Scale
  2. Ease of operations
  3. Multi-Region replication


We use Cassandra 1.2.6, we started all the way back with 0.84.

We currently have:

  • On premises data-center with 32 nodes and 58 TB of data
  • Amazon multi-region cluster with 24 nodes split over two regions (us-east and us-west)


Advice on getting started
Plan your cluster carefully. Understand and plan your data model carefully and experiment with several options until you reach your optimal module. In Amazon, use VPC for better performance and security.



We had a very good experience with the community. There are rich exchanges among C* users and people are willing to tell their stories openly.

We have shared our our experiences with several fellow companies that also use C* and people were open and sincere and we shared great tips and tricks.