September 17th, 2015

Julien Anguenot, VP of Software Engineering at iland Internet Solutions, Corp
Julien is an accomplished and organized software craftsman. He is also a long time open-source advocate. Julien serves as iland’s Vice President of Software Engineering and is responsible for the strategic vision and development of iland cloud management console, underlying platform and API. Catch Julien at Cassandra Summit 2015, presenting “Leveraging Cassandra for Real-Time Multi Datacenter Public Cloud Analytics“.

We are only 6 days away from Datastax Cassandra summit 2015 edition and, at iland cloud, we’ve had this date marked on our calendar for a while.

We attended our first summit last year after several months of hard work with Cassandra and a successful launch of our brand new iland cloud management console and platform. We’ve had  a fantastic time in San Francisco, learned a lot from the community, met awesome people and came back home with a lot of new ideas.

This year, reaching a Cassandra milestone with datacenter #6 joining the ring, we are even more excited to be there since we will be also sharing with the community how we leveraging Open Source Cassandra to provide real-time multi-datacenter public cloud analytics to our customers in the US, Europe and Asia.


iland cloud story & use case

  1. data & domain constraints
  2. deployment, hardware, configuration and architecture overview
  3. lessons learned
  4. future platform extensions

Come and join us on Wed. the 23rd at 1p.m (M1 – M3)

Thank you Datastax for the opportunity!

This year, iland’s CTO, Justin Giardina, will be joining and so will be Cory Snyder, one of our leading software engineers: just ping us on Twitter if you are interested in touching base (@anguenot or @jgiardina)

Happy summit to everyone!