July 17th, 2015

So, your boss needs some persuading to agree to send you to the Cassandra Summit and “the fact that it will be the largest NoSQL conference on the planet, with 3,500+ attendees”, is not convincing enough. Are the sessions, training, and events really worth the cost and the time away from your desk?

The answer is absolutely yes! But if that’s not enough of a reason, here are four ways to help you convince your boss:

Cassandra Is The Proven Technology

Nothing speaks louder than the technology itself. The Apache Cassandra project is heading into its sixth year and continues to be the best NoSQL database for Ring Architecturemodern online applications. If your boss is not familiar with NoSQL or Cassandra technology (well they really should by now), here’s a quick snapshot: Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database management system built for today’s Web, mobile, and IoT applications. It is built for managing large amounts of dynamic data across many commodity servers, while providing around-the-clock availability and no single point of failure.

Cassandra offers capabilities that relational databases and other NoSQL databases simply cannot match such as: continuous availability, linear scale performance, operational simplicity and easy data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud availability zones. You can find more details about the benefits of Cassandra here.

Many companies have successfully deployed and benefited from Apache Cassandra including some large companies such as: Apple, Comcast, Instagram, Spotify, eBay, Rackspace, Netflix, and many more. The larger production environments have PB’s of data in clusters of over 75,000 nodes.


Unlimited Learning Opportunities with Cassandra Experts From Around The World

At the heart of the Cassandra Summit are the top notch sessions, use cases and trainings delivered by the best Cassandra Experts from around the world. Our speaking committee is in hack mode reviewing over 200 submissions we have received to make sure the best quality of content will be delivered at the Summit this Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.38.09 AMyear. For a little taste of what you can expect, here are some sessions from the Summit last year presented by Cassandra users from Apple, Sony, ING, Netflix, Instagram, Activision Blizzard, Databricks, Target, The Weather Channel and Credit Suisse.

There will be 10 different tracks at the Cassandra Summit this year covering topics on analytics, global deployments and theory. No matter if you are new to or familiar with Cassandra, if you are a developer, architect or an administrator, and if you are interested in tutorials or best practices, we will have something tailored just for you.

And this year’s Summit just got even better. We will be partnering with O’Reilly Media to proctor exams for Cassandra Developer / Architect / Administrator certification at the Summit. Attend five hours of training on Cassandra data modeling, internals and architecture with DataStax experts before taking your test. Successful participants will receive their certificates at the event.

Stay tuned for more details on sessions, training and certification. And mix and match to rock your Summit experience.


A Networking PageantScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.38.23 AM


No other event would be a better place to meet with your peers from the Cassandra community and big data professionals across all industries. The Cassandra Summit is the place to be! Over the years, we’ve seen a huge surge  in both the growth of the community as well as attendance of the event itself. If you were one of the first 130+ attendees at the first Cassandra Summit in 2010, you sure will be amazed when we bring together over 3,500 attendees this year.

Meet like-minded people, catch up with old friends and make new ones at the largest NoSQL event in the world.


Source of Inspiration and Innovation


Take a look back at our Summit keynote from last year.  Sony spoke about their vision in the future of gaming and Orbeus introduced their game changing facial recognition technology. Cassandra Summit is full of innovative ideas that will truly inspire you to do amazing things. Stay tuned for our Summit keynote this year, we promise you won’t be disappointed.Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.38.32 AM

Another highlight of the Summit is Cassandra Live – you know you can’t miss it. Cassandra Live is a dream come true, where we showcase some real-world applications built on Cassandra. Last year, we had engineers from companies like Instagram, Hulu and Spotify to share their stories with you in person. Cassandra Live is where you can see and experience the technology yourself and hang out with the engineers who built it. How cool is that? A little sneak peak into this year’s Cassandra Live? Well, there will be a lot of Connected Things and Personalized apps to keep you busy.

So how can you explain all of this to your boss in a way that will ensure you are able to attend?  We’ve crafted a letter you can grab, personalize, and send to your boss to justify your trip. It doesn’t get any easier.  See you at Cassandra Summit 2015!