September 2nd, 2014

Scott Herson, DataStax’s Southern California Territory Account Manager is embarking on a one of a kind journey to this years Cassandra Summit.  Scott will be sharing his adventure in real time and wants to know – Where are you coming from and how will you get to the Cassandra Summit?


In spirit of the 5th Annual and Sold Out Cassandra Summit and in celebration of Cassandra Rebels from around the world trekking to San Francisco to join us, I am partaking in a Road-Trip from SoCal to San Francisco titled: Cassandra Summit Or Bust #CassandraSummitOrBust ! My Journey will speak to the SoCal Apache Cassandra community that I represent as I will be traveling in a SoCal Classic – a 1982 Volkswagen Pop-Top Camper Van! I will call it the #ClusterBus for this tour to symbolize the Always-On, Distributed and Operationally Simple nature of the NoSQL Apache Cassandra Database.  Along the journey I will be posting updates to the social networks so please be sure to follow me on Linkedin and Twitter (@scottherson).  The #ClusterBus will be packed with lots of cool DataStax swag.  Although I have some special stops planned – if you see me on the road, honk for swag and Tweet me at #CassandraSummitOrBust or #ClusterBus.  


The #ClusterBus departs Southern California on Monday Sept 8th!  Finally – don’t forget to tweet where you are coming from and how you will get to the Cassandra Summit!  #CassandraSummitOrBust