October 16th, 2014

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of DataStax DevCenter 1.2, which you can download now. We’re excited to see how DevCenter has already become the defacto query and development tool for those of you working with Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, and now with version 1.2, we’ve added additional support and options to make your development work even easier.

Version 1.2 of DevCenter delivers full support for the many new features in Apache Cassandra 2.1, including user defined types and tuples. DevCenter’s built-in validations, quick fix suggestions, the updated code assistance engine and the new snippets can greatly simplify your work with all the new features of Cassandra 2.1.


DevCenter 1.2 also has an updated Schema explorer, which displays user defined types contained within your keyspaces.


Because query performance is so important, we’ve added query tracing capabilities that display details of each step the query took to be completed. When a query or a longer CQL script is executed, the Results view will present you with both the query results and, on the new separate tracing tab, performance diagnostics about the query. We’ve added visual cues that should simplify understanding and navigating the details of the performance trace, which helps you tune the query for better performance if needed.


Finally, DevCenter 1.2 contains a series of visual interface improvements (e.g. a better wizard for creating new connections, an option to clone an existing connection, opening a connection by double clicking it) that make using DevCenter even easier and more enjoyable than before. A more complete list of changes can be found here.

Download DevCenter 1.2 now and be sure to send us your feedback on what more we can do to make DevCenter even better.