April 15th, 2014

DataStax Trip in Europe Part II was created by Rebecca Mills, Junior Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax.

Back again with the second half of my journey around Europe with Datastax! Hold onto your hats, folks. It’s not over yet!

Dublin, Ireland

Me and Patrick had a few meeting to attend with a few local Datastax customers, and it was off to the meetup at Tcube (The Home of the Irish Software Developers’ Network). Outside we met the Niall Milton(@NiallMilton), CTO of DigBigData, Datastax MVP for Apache Cassandra and the organiser of this evening’s event. He arrived with generous amounts of C* swag and enough pizza and beer to fed an army. Me and Patrick did our talks again and they were well received, there was a great crowd here tonight, and an energy filled the room. I’d love to go back to Dublin to talk again sometime.

photo (6)

Me giving my talk on Getting Started with Apache Cassandra at the meetup in Dublin. Ladies in tech, you’re breaking my heart here. Where are you?

Stockholm, Sweden

Our next stop was Sweden. What’s great about Sweden? Meatballs, and Spotify HQ of course! Insane traffic in Stockholm made it difficult to get around. Finally me and Patrick manage to meet up with Hayato Shimizu(@hayato_shimizu) and headed into Spotify. We were greeted by Jimmy Mardell, a software engineer using Cassandra at Spotify, and there was much discussion of the use case over coffee. Spotify would be having a meetup that night, which Patrick would be speaking at. Spotify really pulled out all the stops on this one and the meetup was incredible. Huge venue with lots of food and beer

photo 2 (1)

Vibing at Spotify: Even the most weary of travelers looks good under strobe lights

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Despite being in Sweden for less than 24 hours and not trying any meatballs, we arrived at the final stop on our European tour in Amsterdam. Without a moment to spare, we’re off to Hadoop Summit to man our booth along with our wonderful organiser Ale, who seems to have everything under control. It was a lot of fun being at the booth and getting to meet people from all over, those who had never heard of Cassandra and those who were quite experienced with it. I wanted to get people interested and answered as many questions as I could.

photo (8)

Rockin’ the booth at Hadoop Summit in Amsterdam

Later we head to a meetup at ING where Patrick is to do his final rendition of “Time-series Data with Apache Cassandra”, which by now I could recite in my sleep. Even though I had seen it several times before, it was neat seeing the crowds reaction, hanging on Patrick’s every word. Transactions is the buzzword of the evening and ING announce publicly that they are using Cassandra in production. An interesting talk is giving by Gary Stewart at ING about their particular use case and the challenges they are facing with it. His analogy using trains and carriages made me think of transactions with Cassandra in an entirely differently light.

photo (10)

The imposing ING lion watches over the lobby. “Abandon all relational databases, ye who enter here.”

Our final day in Europe was all about the booth again. I quite enjoyed the energy, a lot of folks seemed genuinely interested in what features Cassandra had to offer and how it is unique from other NoSQL databases.. I had a great time working the booth and meeting people, hopefully I’ll get to do something like it again After saying goodbye to my Datastax companions in Europe, I was ready for my long journey home, still riding the high my intense The slide to the talk Patrick gave during his tour across Europe can be found here. Over 700 people saw this presentation as we made our way through Europe.