July 21st, 2014

If you saw our post about Cassandra hitting 1 million writes per second on Google Compute Engine, then you know we’re getting serious about open source NoSQL. We’re making it easier to run the software you love at the scale you need with the reliability of Google Compute Platform. With over a dozen different virtual machine types, and the great price for performance of persistent disks, we think Google Compute Engine is a fantastic place forApache Cassandra.

Today, we’re making it even easier to launch a dedicated Apache Cassandra cluster on Google Compute Engine. All it takes is one click after some basic information such as the size of the cluster. In a matter of minutes, you get a complete Cassandra cluster deployed and configured.

Each node is automatically configured for the cloud including:

  • Configured with the GoogleCloudSnitch for Google Cloud Platform awareness
  • Writes tuned for Google Persistent Disk
  • JVM tuned to perform on Google Compute Engine instances

The complete set of tuning parameters can be found on the Click to Deploy help page.

So, get out and click to deploy your Cassandra cluster today!

Learn more about running Apache Cassandra on Google Compute Engine athttps://developers.google.com/cloud/cassandra.

-Posted by Brian Lynch, Solutions Architect

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