Riptide IO Leverages the “Indestructible” Apache Cassandra; Helping Walgreens and Ulta take Advantage of Real Time Sensor Data

June 17, 2014




Riptide IO

 “We were also really impressed with the fact that no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t break Cassandra…

it was just indestructible.”

-David Leimbrock, Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO

David Leimbrock

David Leimbrock Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO



Riptide IO

Riptide IO is in the business of managing intelligent machines, which we define as “machines Read More..

Rackspace’s MyCloud Makes Sure Your Cloud Management is Available When You Need it Most; Migrates to Cassandra for No Single Point of Failure

June 11, 2014




HQ: San Antonio, TX

Cassandra powers Rackspace’s MyCloud, a control panel for managing cloud deployments, to provide Rackspace’s customers a highly available, real-time front-end; making use of Cassandra’s multi-datacenter replication, distributing a 15 node cluster across 3 regions.

Cassandra Version: 2.0.7

Datacenters: 3

Nodes: 15


Key Points

Wha Read More..

Fast Company’s 31M+ Monthly Page Views Fueled by the High Speeds and Availability of Apache Cassandra

May 27, 2014



“Servers can disappear at any moment…we need a way to ensure high availability.”

– Matt Mankins, CTO at Fast Company

Matt Mankins

Matt Mankins CTO at Fast Company


Fast Company 

Fast Company covers business and innovation online and in a monthly print magazine. I’m the CTO.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.54.49 PM


Always on

Using AWS we know that servers can disappear at any moment. (Even if we didn’t use AWS th Read More..

Infor’s PeopleAnswers Helps Hire Global Talent at Global Scale, with Apache Cassandra Multi-Datacenter Replication

April 21, 2014



“Ultimately it was clear Cassandra was the right choice, given its proven scalability, its explicit design for the multi-datacenter use case, and its developer-friendly CQL model.” 

– Darrell Burgan, Chief Architect at  PeopleAnswers

Darrell Burgan Chief Architect at PeopleAnswers



Infor creates beautiful ERP software that businesses of a Read More..

You’ve Got Scale; AOL Migrates from MySQL to Apache Cassandra for 8X Improvement

April 10, 2014



“Cassandra is on average 8X more efficient than MySQL with the exact same writes… Switching to Cassandra was a big win for us.” 

– Michael Nelson, Software Engineering Lead at AOL

Michael Nelson

 Michael Nelson Software Engineering Lead at  AOL




AOL does many things but mostly content generation, content value add (geotagging, entity tagging, personaliza Read More..

When Breaking News Hits, The New York Times Delivers with Apache Cassandra

April 8, 2014



New York Times

“Simplicity has helped us make nyt⨍aбrik global, reliable, fast, and efficient. It scales up and down on a minute’s notice to meet demand.”

– Michael Laing, Systems Architect at The New York Times

Michael Laing Systems Architect at The New York Times


The New York Times

The New York Times is the premier news organization and has a worldwide online pres Read More..

The Company That Monitors Severe Storms, is Prepared for Them; The Weather Channel is Always On with Apache Cassandra

April 1, 2014



The Weather Channel

“As  the number one destination for weather we have a global brand that’s on 24×7. Downtime any time of day means someone isn’t getting served, which means lost revenue, credibility, and important notifications to people who are expecting us to tell them when the weather gets rough.” – this has never happened with Cassandra

– Robbie Strickland, Sof

Read More..

Open Source RDF Datastore CumulusRDF used for Real-Time Vehicle Data Monitoring Powered by Apache Cassandra

March 5, 2014



“Cassandra provides us with an easy to use backend and lets us focus on our implementation and features. “

– Andreas Wagner, Lead Developer at CumulusRDF

Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner Lead Developer at CumulusRDF





I work at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) – a large technical university in Germany.

At the Knowledge Management research group we are a Read More..

Holiday Extras, Making Travel Easy with the Fast Writes of Apache Cassandra

March 1, 2014



Holiday Extras


“Simply put, on writes Cassandra outperformed the rest.”

– Viktor Trako, Senior Developer at Holiday Extras


Viktor Trako

Viktor Trako Senior Developer at Holiday Extras



Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras provides airport car parking, hotels, lounge, as well as a range of other add on products. Our goal is “Making Travel Easy”. I a Read More..

Make it Rain: Apache Cassandra at The Weather Channel for Severe Weather Alerts

February 25, 2014



Read the Weather Channel’s updated use case

The Weather Channel

“While I have years of experience using Cassandra with Thrift, my team was mostly new to it; CQL made their transition essentially painless.”

– Robbie Strickland, Software Development Manager at The Weather Channel


Robbie Strickland



Robbie Strickland Software Development Manager at The Weather Channel

Read More..


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