Apache Cassandra writes pedal to the metal at Peloton; monitoring stationary bikes for a scalable ride

January 21, 2015

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Multimedia messaging app Cubie is ready to grow, worry free, with Apache Cassandra

August 27, 2014

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Riptide IO Leverages the “Indestructible” Apache Cassandra; Helping Walgreens and Ulta take Advantage of Real Time Sensor Data

June 17, 2014




Riptide IO

 “We were also really impressed with the fact that no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t break Cassandra…

it was just indestructible.”

-David Leimbrock, Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO

David Leimbrock

David Leimbrock Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO



Riptide IO

Riptide IO is in the business of managing intelligent machines, which we define as “machines Read More..

Facing Growth Message Encryption App Surespot Migrates from Redis to Apache Cassandra

March 19, 2014




“Once surespot started to gain traction it became clear…”

– Adam Patacchiola, CTO & Co-founder at surespot

Adam Patacchiola

Adam Patacchiola CTO & Co-founder at surespot



Surespot provides an encrypted messaging platform, currently we have iOS and Android clients. Surespot is a secure messaging platform that uses exceptional end-to-end en Read More..

Kwarter Brings Gamification to Live Television in Real-Time with Apache Cassandra

March 14, 2014




“Cassandra was the clear choice for our needs.”

– Dan Koepke, Lead Platform Engineer at Kwarter

Dan Koepke

Dan Koepke Lead Platform Engineer at Kwarter



Kirk Strauser


Kirk Stauser Platform Engineer at Kwarter





Kwarter builds a platform and SDKs for real-time data collection and analysis, primarily related to live televis Read More..

A Spoonful of Apache Cassandra Keeps the Database from Going Down; Recipe Site Whisk Migrates from MongoDB

March 3, 2014





“MongoDB, I’d say, only performed good while fitting the data in RAM, but satisfying this requirement was quite expensive for us. Now we feel not limited to the amount of storage in Cassandra.”

– Viktor Taranenko, Senior Engineer at Whisk


Viktor Taranenko

 Viktor Taranenko Senior Engineer at Whisk



Whisk is about creating grocery lists fr Read More..

OpenMarket’s Apache Cassandra Backed Mobile Platform Provides 400 Donations a Second to BBC Children in Need

February 27, 2014



“We needed a scalable and highly available solution for our growing platform.

We were using MySQL before and migrated to Cassandra.”

– Artur Kronenberg, OpenMarket

Artur Kronenberg OpenMarket



We provide a comprehensive set of mobile solutions for enterprises to engage and transact with their customers via the mobile channel. I am a Software E Read More..

Paddy Power Selects Apache Cassandra to Manage Time-Series Data for Online Gaming Application

February 21, 2014


Paddy Power

“We chose Cassandra because of its ability and

proven track record in managing time-series data.”

– John Turner, Software Development Manager at Paddy Power


John Turner

 John Turner Software Development Manager at Paddy Power



Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a betting company that operates primarily in Ireland, the UK and Australia.  They have been around since 19 Read More..

Retailigence Turns to Apache Cassandra After Returning MySQL and MongoDB for Scalable Location Based Shopping API

January 29, 2014




“We knew we had a winner with Apache Cassandra.”

–  Dave Cocca VP Engineering at Retailigence


Dave Cocca VP Engineering at Retailigence



Retailigence provides local retail product availability and price information through an API to consumer applications, mobile applications, and mobile ad solutions.  We provide retailers with more foot-traffic with stron Read More..

SessionM Chooses Cassandra Over MongoDB For Greater Scalability And Fault Tolerance

January 28, 2014



Thomas Vachon: Principal Operations Architect at SessionM

Thanks for joining us to talk about your Apache Cassandra use case. What does SessionM do for its customers?

SessionM is a mobile rewards platform funded by advertisers. Developers put our platform in their apps and advertisers get paid to engage with power users in those apps. The users get rewarded with mPoints for performing actions inside the apps li Read More..


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