From SQL to CQL; Marketing Suite Captora Accelerates Lead Generation with Apache Cassandra

May 29, 2014



“Most of our developers comes from a MySQL background. We use CQL 3.0, so we find this very intuitive for some of our developers to learn and to develop programs against it.”

– Li Gao, Director of Engineering at Captora

Li Gao

Li Gao Director of Engineering at Captora




Captora is a company that builds SaaS platform for inbound marketing acceleration. The suite of products w Read More..

Bottlenecked, RelateIQ Moves to Apache Cassandra, for a Highly-Available Database that “Just Works”

April 3, 2014



“We have upgraded nodes and doubled the capacity, all with no downtime. Cassandra just works.”

– Patricio Echagüe, Sr Software Engineer at RelateIQ

Patricio Echagüe

Patricio Echagüe Sr Software Engineer at RelateIQ




RelateIQ has rethought relationship management by automating, simplifying, and deepening the way people engage with professional relationships. It a Read More..

Relay42 Uses Apache Cassandra Multi-Datacenter Replication Across All Continents to Make Tag and Data Management Actionable at Global Scale

March 24, 2014






“The large volume of events naturally required us to look for alternatives to a traditional RDBMS from the start.”

– Tomas Salfischberger , Managing Director, Co-founder at Relay42


Tomas Salfischberger

Tomas Salfischberger Managing Director, Co-founder at Relay42




Relay42 is a Tag & Data Management Platform. With Tag Management we provi Read More..

Digital Media Trading Company MediaCrossing Builds Event Datastore on Apache Cassandra and Akka

March 17, 2014




“Cassandra’s scalability, fault tolerance, cross data center support and ease of deployment are critical factors for us.”

– Gary Malouf, Architect at MediaCrossing

Gary Malouf

Gary Malouf Architect at MediaCrossing





MediaCrossing is an independent digital media trading firm that operates a managed service platform that provides pro Read More..

What Happened When Video Ad Platform Teads Sought Help from the Apache Cassandra Community?

March 4, 2014



“The Cassandra community might be one of my favorite things about Cassandra. The community is active, all the time, and ready to help…”

– Alain Rodrgiuez, Lead Architect, Data Scientist at Teads

Alain Rodrgiuez

 Alain Rodrgiuez Lead Architect, Data Scientist at Teads




Teads is an innovative adserver. Our goals are to create links between advertisers and publi Read More..


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