Rackspace’s MyCloud Makes Sure Your Cloud Management is Available When You Need it Most; Migrates to Cassandra for No Single Point of Failure

June 11, 2014




HQ: San Antonio, TX

Cassandra powers Rackspace’s MyCloud, a control panel for managing cloud deployments, to provide Rackspace’s customers a highly available, real-time front-end; making use of Cassandra’s multi-datacenter replication, distributing a 15 node cluster across 3 regions.

Cassandra Version: 2.0.7

Datacenters: 3

Nodes: 15


Key Points

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Arkivum’s “100% Guarantee Against Data Loss” Backed by Apache Cassandra

January 29, 2014




Richard Lowe: Co-founder and Principal Engineer at Arkivum

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TL;DR: Arkivum provides an archive service aimed at storing data for the long-term, with typical customers being driven by legal or regulatory requirements. Data in Arkivum’s services are encrypted, where data is safe, secure and simple to access with a unique, 100-percent guarantee against data loss.

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