Russia’s Largest Telecom Talks with AT-Consulting to Choose Cassandra Over Oracle

June 20, 2014







“We are happy we decided on Cassandra, it is scaling well, and we are nicely using it in our private cloud.”

– Shamim Bhuiyan, Architect, AT-Consulting

Shamim Bhuiyan: Architect at AT-Consulting




The company AT-Consulting provides consulting services for telecommunications, health and banking sectors. As a architect, my rol Read More..

Open Source RDF Datastore CumulusRDF used for Real-Time Vehicle Data Monitoring Powered by Apache Cassandra

March 5, 2014



“Cassandra provides us with an easy to use backend and lets us focus on our implementation and features. “

– Andreas Wagner, Lead Developer at CumulusRDF

Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner Lead Developer at CumulusRDF





I work at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) – a large technical university in Germany.

At the Knowledge Management research group we are a Read More..

Make it Rain: Apache Cassandra at The Weather Channel for Severe Weather Alerts

February 25, 2014



Read the Weather Channel’s updated use case

The Weather Channel

“While I have years of experience using Cassandra with Thrift, my team was mostly new to it; CQL made their transition essentially painless.”

– Robbie Strickland, Software Development Manager at The Weather Channel


Robbie Strickland



Robbie Strickland Software Development Manager at The Weather Channel

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