January 6th, 2015

I gave a presentation about the many ways we use Cassandra at Burt. We’re a business intelligence startup and a core part of what we do is analytics, so obviously we use Cassandra for time series data. That’s something that there’s no shortage of presentations and blog posts about, so I wanted to show how Cassandra can be used for other things too. We use it for graphs, traces, conversion tracking, and a lot of other things.

In my presentations, I like to talk about the mistakes I’ve made, both to help other people avoid them but also because trying to explain them to others forces me to think about what the mistakes really were. When preparing for this presentation I realized that a common thread to many of the problems we’ve had with Cassandra had to do with wide rows, and I saw some connections that I hadn’t seen before. This became a sub theme to the presentation.

I also ended up talking about Cassandra and time series, because there are different kinds, and it can be very much more complex topic than what most blog posts make it appear to be.

I’d like to thank DataStax for inviting me to speak again this year, and to the Cassandra community for making me a Cassandra MVP.