August 15th, 2014

Abstract: Getting Started with the DataStax Apache Cassandra C# Driver 

So you’ve grabbed the latest 2.0 version of the DataStax C# driver from NuGet.  Now what?  In this talk, Luke will walk you through some of the basics of the C# driver–how to bootstrap the driver and connect to a cluster, execute CQL, and retrieve the results.  Wondering what the difference between a PreparedStatement and a SimpleStatement is?  Not sure what the appropriate lifetime is for a Cluster or a Session object?  What about ADO.NET and LINQ support?  We’ll cover this and more, so that you can get on with building applications on top of Cassandra.  Even if you’re not a C# developer (or think that C# is the handiwork of the devil), many of the concepts we’ll cover will help you get started with the other DataStax drivers as well (Python, Java, and C++).


About Luke Tillman, Language Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax


Luke is a Language Evangelist for DataStax, with a focus on the .NET community but a passion for polyglot. He’s spent over 15 years as a software engineer, writing code for web applications both large and small. Prior to DataStax, he worked as a software engineer at Hobsons on systems used by hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S. and the World.

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