March 1st, 2014

About This Presentation
Starting with Version 1.2 Cassandra has made it easier to store more data on a single node. With off heap data structures, virtual nodes, and improved JBOD support we can now run nodes with several Terabytes of data.

In this talk Aaron Morton, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle, will walk through running fat nodes in a Cassandra cluster. He’ll review the features that support it and discuss the trade offs that come from storing 1TB+ per node.

About Aaron Morton
Aaron Morton is Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle based in New Zealand, and a Committer on the Apache Cassandra project. In 2010, he gave up the RDBMS world for the scale and reliability of Cassandra. He now spends his time advancing the Cassandra project and helping others get the best out of it.