November 25th, 2013


We’ll be covering some aspects of our architecture, highlighting differences between MongoDB and Cassandra. We’ll go in depth to explain why Cassandra is a better choice for our general purpose Application Platform (SHIFT) as well as our Media Buying Analytics tool (the SHIFT Media Manager). We’ll be going over common design patterns people might be familiar with coming from a background with MongoDB and highlight how Cassandra would be used as a better alternative. We’ll also touch more on cqlengine which is nearing feature completeness as the Cassandra object mapper for Python.


About Jon Hadad (@rustyrazorblade)

Jon Haddad is the Sr. Architect at SHIFT and is one of the maintainers of cqlengine. Jon has spent the last decade at various startups in the LA area. His previous projects include and


About Blake Eggleston (@blakeeggleston)

Blake Eggleston is a Senior Developer at SHIFT. He is one of the authors of CQLengine, the Python CQL3 object mapper, and a member of Tinkerpop, the graph database development group.