May 5th, 2014



Last month, one of our Cassandra community members in São Paulo, Brazil, Eiti Kimura presented at QCON São Paulo 2014 about Movile’s  use of Apache Cassandra. Here are Eiti’s experience through QCON SP, in his own words.

Accepted to QCON 

This past month I received an invitation to talk about my experience with Apache Cassandra at the QConSP conference, which is an international software development conference held in São Paulo Brazil. This was such a great opportunity for me to show what we are doing with Cassandra here in Brazil.

The event took place in São Paulo city, Brazil; and lasted 3 days with more than 80 speakers confirmed. They were expecting to receive more than 3k people in attendance throughout the three days – lots of people, and lots of exposure.

For my presentation, I decided to talk about how my company Movile applies Apache Cassandra to reach our performance and scalability requirements developing distributed systems for mobile services.

I arrived early on the first day; the event was fantastic, a lot of people talking about Big Data, NoSQL, software architecture, development and Cassandra.


Presenting Movile’s Cassandra use case

With my Apache Cassandra T-shirt and my presentation ready to go – let’s rock! I heard a morbid silence before I started talking. The people were very curious about my presentation, with attentive eyes. They were interested to know how Movile, the leading mobile company in Latin America, was using Cassandra! The QCON SP Audience 3presentation was a success, people didn’t stop asking about Cassandra: how to deploy a cluster, how to acquire performance, how does it work, can I work with you, and so on.

In the end of the presentation I distributed some gifts to the audience that were kindly donated by DataStax. “Yes! Cassandra SWAG,” the crowd went crazy!

I spoke to 88 people and was very happy when I found out that my presentation was evaluated and had 92% of audience approval, according to the official event statistics.

It  was a great experience to talk about a great tool, and I’m very excited to participate and talk more about it.