April 10th, 2013

You may have hear that netflix achieved 1,000,000 inserts per second with cassandra.  Datastax was nice enough to give me a raspberry pi loaded with cassandra. I decided the best possible thing to do with the device would be to run a benchmark. Because the device offers unique capabilities I decided to craft a special benchmark, the “edwardcapriolo.com roflscale, cloud serving, pi linksys, nosql, big data benchmark”. I recorded the benchmark for posterity. In the first part, I explain the hardware required to run the test:

After the stage is set, we run the test.

Word of this test has spread quickly. There has been unconfirmed reports that enterprise vendors are scrambling in an attempts to defeat my benchmark with a beagleboard running Oracle NoSQL database connected to a Dell I SCSI San with SSD. I will post more details when they come available.