November 18th, 2013

Terrell Deppe: CTO at HealthCare Anytime


HealthCare Anytime provides Web-based portal solutions that assist healthcare organizations in achieving meaningful use, optimized operations, and increased patient and staff satisfaction. HealthCare Anytime handles all hosting, implementation, training, and ongoing support for their customers.


HealthCare Anytime realized it had a growing data management problem on its

hands. “Patient search records can be quite large and extremely complex,” explained Deppe,

HealthCare Anytime’s CTO. “We had identified a bottleneck when we began adding more than

20,000 new patients per hour. The database was clearly the limiting factor.”  The company also began noting performance issues such as sluggish searches, faulty searches, and difficult-to-read forms.


“When we started looking at our reporting and data mining requirements, it became evident that a traditional relational model was not going to be able to get through all the data we needed to get through,” Deppe said.  Healthcare Anytime chose Cassandra for cost savings, performance, and convenience.


Cost Savings

• Optimizing the need to continually add staff to manage databases resulted in IT and

support cost avoidance of $750K over five years


• On track to achieve 398% ROI over five years


• Gained ability to scale without needing to purchase new boxes and equipment



Performance Results

• 100 times faster search and performance capabilities. Eliminated bottlenecks associated

with previous system


• 89% boost in data upload time; 87% increase in data access time


• Cut per-patient-record search time from 10 to 20 seconds to one or two


• Conferred a competitive advantage by enabling services that other providers can’t match

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