November 18th, 2013

David Weinstein: Director of Software Development at Adobe


Adobe, known worldwide for its multimedia and creativity software products, uses Cassandra to power the Adobe AudienceManager.


Adobe needed a highly scalable, low-latency database solution to support Adobe AudienceManager’s distributed edge cache architecture, and perform very high read and write volumes – at 12 milliseconds or less for 95%+ of requests.


Weinstein led development of the Profile Cache Server (PCS) that serves as the distributed edge cache for the ever-changing user profile data Adobe AudienceManager stores for customers. The PCS is comprised of large servers using solid state drives (SSDs) for storage, running the Apache Cassandra open-source database solution. Adobe currently has a 16-node Cassandra cluster, evenly split between two data centers on opposite sides of the United States.


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