January 4th, 2013

Introduction ~
Let me introduce myself and the purpose of yet another blog about Apache Cassandra (hereafter C* thanks to our superstar Matt Dennis). I am the new Director of Training at DataStax, and having spent the last twelve years mastering, and teaching Java (and other technologies) and most recently learning and teaching Hadoop (yes, I am Cloudera certified), it was suggested to me that I write about how to master C* since I am brand new to this Big Data technology stack.

Thus begins my experiment, and blog, about how long it will take someone like me, steeped in the supporting technologies, to understand, learn, master and maybe even teach C*. In the mean time, I will  journal the process, starting today.

Getting onboard ~
I am now onboard the C* train, and headed to a Big Data destination I have only heard about. Sure, I know Hadoop, and I dream in Java from time to time (don’t ask). But what is Cassandra really all about. I will start my discovery process in three places, like a good fellow, looking first at what books are available (yes, I still curl up on the couch with a paper book, no e-reader for this boy).

What I discover:

Cassandra: The Definitive Guide by Eben Hewitt (November, 2010)



My colleagues ask me to wait for the new version of Capriolo’s book due in March, and that the older definitive guide may not be the best place to start. After that, there is nothing about Cassandra at Amazon, except fiction. Hmmm, should I spend the money on a book, or keep looking? Also, my friend Sameer Farooqui is on a team writing a new Cassandra book, I think I will email him that I need to see it even before it goes to press!


Another resource is the new Planet Cassandra at planetcassandra.org a DataStax community service. The “Learn” tab there has a number of offerings including videos, podcasts, and more. I think I will start there. But, before I do, I have to google Apache Cassandra and at least see what happens.


Oh, and I signed myself up for our upcoming training in Redwood City this month, four days of C* training in both developer and administrator topics. I will let you know how that goes soon.