June 17th, 2014

What You’ll Learn in this Presentation

One of the first things you are told about Cassandra is the importance of Data model, however, we are rarely given a apples-to-apples real world example of the impact of data model on Cassandra.  In this discussion, we will present a real world example of an existing data model that we are actively replacing.  Our initial data model was one with millions of rows per node, but only a small amount of sparse data per row.  In refactoring, we encoded the same data set into a much smaller number of rows, each of which was much wider (a “square” table layout, versus our original row-heavy “rectangular” layout).  We will present the details of the current and new implementation, the unexpected challenges we encountered when comparing the models, and our measured results.


About Dan Foody

Dan Foody is Founder and CEO of Cloze. Inc Magazine rated Cloze one of the 5 best iPhone apps for 2013.  Before Cloze, he managed a $500 million software product portfolio at Progress Software, driving both product strategy and management. As CTO of Actional Corporation, Foody created a leader in the SOA Management space, and earned recognition as a Top 25 CTO by InfoWorld. Foody holds multiple patents in the areas of distributed systems and enterprise infrastructure.

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