February 19th, 2013

“Our experience with MongoDB is that it’s architecture requires nodes to be declared as Master, and others as Slaves, and the configuration is complex and unintuitive. C* architecture is much simpler. Every node is a peer in a ring and replication is handled internally by Cassandra based on your desired redundancy level. There is much less manual intervention, which allows us to then easily automate many tasks when managing a C* cluster.” – Christos Kalantzis and Jason Brown


Christos Kalantzis, engineering manager, and Jason Brown, senior software engineer, were both involved in the deployment of Cassandra in a production EC2 environment.


Learn about why they chose Apache Cassandra (C*), the application powered by C*, some technical challenges that big data analytics pose to modern data centers, how they handle such large volumes of data, and much more in this OBDMS Industry Watch blog posting.