June 5th, 2014

Session Abstract

Cassandra continues to be the weapon of choice for developers dealing with performance at scale.  Whether in social networking (Instagram), scientific computing (SPring-8), or retail (eBay), Cassandra continues to deliver.  This talk will look at new features in Cassandra 2.x and the upcoming 3.0, such as lightweight transactions, virtual nodes, a new data model and query language, and more.


About Jonathan Ellis

As Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at DataStax, Jonathan sets the technical direction for the company and leads Apache Cassandra as project chair. Prior to DataStax, Jonathan led Rackspace’s Cassandra team and built the Cassandra community into an open source success. Previously, Jonathan built an object storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding for data backup provider Mozy that scaled to petabytes of data and gigabits per second throughput.