September 30th, 2013

Dustin Whittle: Developer Evanglist at AppDynamics

Matt Pfeil: Co-Founder at DataStax


This is Matt Pfeil from DataStax here today. We’re joined today by Dustin Whittle, Developer Evangelist from AppDynamics. Dustin, thanks for taking some time today. Why don’t we start this off by telling everyone what AppDynamics does.

AppDynamics is an application performance essentially for Java, .Net and PHP applications, so we will confirm what healthy response times look like for your application and when something goes wrong, we tell you the root cause right away.


Awesome. How does that play with Cassandra?

We can instrument any Java based app that Cassandra runs in the JVM. We used the Java API, so it’s really to monitor Cassandra nodes. Everything like latency, cache size, hit count, hit miss, etc. you can track that data through AppDynamics and we track it through our metrics browser so then you can do alerts on it. That’s how we integrate Cassandra into AppDynamics, through our AppDynamics X platform.


Very cool. You guys have been supporters of Cassandra community for a few years now. What attracted you to the Cassandra community in the first place?

It solves a really good problem. Even before my role at AppDynamics, I was building a small company in San Francisco and we considered Cassandra for our backend data store.


I just think it solves the technology problem really well and it’s really easy to get horizontal scalability in the data store, so you add another node and you get more read/write throughput. I think there’s a lot of hype around NoSQL today and I think Cassandra has a real solid foundation, technically speaking. 


I completely agree with you. Out of curiosity, if members of the Cassandra community wanted to use AppDynamics, do you guys offer any sort of free offering?

Absolutely, we have two offerings. We run in our SaaS cloud, our SaaS environment runs on our public cloud. And then we have an on on-premise environment, so you can run it on your hardware if you’d like.


We offer a free product with AppDynamics Lite, for Java and .Net applications and if you want to run a trial with AppDynamics Pro, you can do so on our SaaS environment for 15 days. So it’s really easy to get started, either using our Lite product for free forever or you can use our Pro product free for trial. It takes about five minutes to get setup at 


That’s awesome. Dustin, I really want to thank you for all your time today and I’ll encourage all of our Cassandra readers: For your performance tracking needs, check out AppDynamics. To learn more about AppDynamic’s use of Apache Cassandra, check out this posting on the AppDynamics blog: