August 17th, 2013

Tiziano Tresanti | Chairman and CEO at Airpim


What does Airpim do?

airpim is a cloud company that provide services B2B2C. The main product is “” that is a mobile marketing solution. airpass is revolutionary in removing the physical hurdle (the plastic card) to implementing universally accessible, innovative customer discount programs. Taking advantage of the enormous potential of new technologies, our new “air card” operates “virtually” within a smartphone or a tablet. Our secret is easy: Invent a tool which is compatible with the devices people always carry with them. In addition to offering customers information on discounts, this “air card” is a medium for general contact and communication. So, you will always be in your customer’s pocket. airpim patented “a general purpose technology to exchange information through cards” 


How are you using Apache Cassandra?

Under the hood we are using Cassandra to store any information and to manage the complexity of a graph data base. 


What was the motivation for using Cassandra and what other technologies was it evaluated against?

When we started the airpim project we decided that SQL database it was not good for the complexity of our data design. So we looked for noSQL data base that fit the following requirements: Key/Value data store, Easy to mantain, fault tolerant, decentralized and performant. The best choice for us was Cassandra.


Can you share some insight on what your deployment looks like?

We are using 3 nodes cluster in a hosted DC.


What’s your favorite part about Apache Cassandra?

The scalability and high availability 


What would you like to see out of Apache Cassandra in future versions?

It will be nice to have the support of complex queries to query database and / or transform dinamically the data model to have the maximum performance and flexibility (ex, sorting for a key/range…)


What’s your experience with the Apache Cassandra community?

There is a good community that talk about, how to and solve technical issues. We have learned to useCassandra thanks to the community