January 9th, 2013


Steeve Morin | Co-Founder & CEO


What does Veezio do?

We analyze and index Videos based on their content. With that data we enable content providers to not only search for, but search IN videos. We also do Video SEO, because the data we extract, Google doesn’t have, and finally we do content-based recommendation.


How are you using C*?

It’s our main data store. Although for relational stuff we use PostGRESQL (because of pagination). We use it to store users, channels and video information (which are pretty big).


What made you choose it?

Distributed by nature, we liked the data model, and the performance through horizontal scalability.


What tips do you have for someone getting started with C*?

Use the awesome python library for Cassandra: pycassa. Real easy to get started and very mature.


Are you running C* in the cloud, or your own DC?

In the cloud, on Azure.


Anything else you’d like to add?