February 12th, 2013



Sean Coleman:  Lead Software Engineer at Recruiting.com


Today we have with us Sean with Recruiting.com to talk about their Apache Cassandra Use Case.  Sean, what exactly does Recruiting.com do?

Recruiting.com provides next generation software and technology to help organizations succeed by recruiting and hiring the right people. Our technology solutions enable employers to find and effectively recruit talent through our cloud-based candidate management software and network of leading local, diversity, and niche job boards, including Jobing.com.


How are you using Cassandra?

We are using Cassandra to achieve real-time, high-throughput applications in our Candidate Relationship Manager. For instance, we are using Cassandra for tracking millions of events per day which are computed into client analytics. 


Why did you choose Cassandra?

We needed a highly-scalable solution to deliver real-time analytics and messaging to our clients. Our SQL server wasn’t keeping up with our growing demands of tracking, and we found ourselves architecting around areas where SQL isn’t great at. We investigated several NoSQL solutions including Redis, MongoDB and Cassandra. We landed on Cassandra for it’s great track record of reliability and availability of support as well as it’s ease of integration with our API. 


Do you have any advice for people just getting started with C*?

Seriously consider hosting Cassandra in the cloud with Amazon Web Services or even dedicated Cassandra PaaS offerings. Cassandra setup and configuration is not trivial and can seem especially complicated if you do not have much sys admin expertise. Also, pay extra attention to schema design by imagining all possible ways that data will be queried. It is much more involved to change Cassandra schemas once you have live data. 


Are you running C* in the cloud or your own data center?

We have a 4-node cluster in our own data center. 


Anything else you’d like to add?

You may be disappointed with Cassandra if you think it’s a silver-bullet solution for all your database needs. However, if you are looking to solve specific problems with scalability, availability and data access speed then you will quickly fall in love with Cassandra.